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Our products comply with the EU requirements as well as the strictest regulations of food industry, set by and regularly inspected by countries such as Great Britain, Italy, and in the case of markets outside the EU, Switzerland.

The background of our production processes has been inspected by our English and Swiss partners. Gastor Baromfi Ltd. exclusively purchase Hungarian live stock from Hungarian farmers, contracting with them in the long term, thus assuring them of a more certain living. Breeding live stock is under continuous veterinarian control. While still breeding, our adviser regularly checks upon the circumstances of breeding, and the inspection is recorded in questionnaires.

The feed of chicken especially reared for our company is free from antibiotics, growth promoters, and does not contain any animal origin feed ingredients. If any medication is needed due to certain diseases, the treatment must follow strict veterinary controls. We are also committed to maintain and also to demand animal welfare of our poultry, both during rearing and in the slaughterhouse. Vertical integration makes the processing of poultry products marketable in the European markets. All the stages of production are exclusive and controlled.

In 2003 2.8 million broiler chickens were slaughtered and processed. In 2004 we are counting on the slaughtering and processing of 3.7 million broiler chickens, and with further improvement in 2005, we are planning to reach a number of 7 million chicken processed annually. In this procedure the background of farmers within our integration in our county and in some neighbouring counties is heavily counted on, thus providing them with a standard of living and steady market.
From among our farmers, the Bátortrade Ltd. is also planning to enlarge its production of broiler chicken next year, so within the integration 50% of the broiler chicken will be provided by it. This will also add more certainty to the maintenance of a standard quality, since feed production and birds are realized by a co-enterprise of Bátorcoop Ltd. for Bátortrade Ltd.
The live stock is transported in our own modern vehicles, especially designed for the transportation of live stock.

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