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Gastor Baromfi Ltd. was established in 1991 by the Bátorcoop Co-operative in Nyírbátor and its co-enterprises, and also by some private individuals. In the year 2002, by abandoning its previous activities, it undertook processing poultry. The Bátorcoop Co-operative and its co-enterprises, growing and producing high quality agricultural goods, play a significant role in the agriculture of the county.Among the co-enterprises Bátortrade Ltd., through its several activities, is greatly connected to Gastor Baromfi Ltd. In terms of agriculture and production, it is one of our largest producers of broiler chicken. Out of the many activities of Bátortrade Ltd., the most important one may well be the production of bio-gas. The waste material , which comes from poultry processing, is to be processed in the bio-gas factory in an environmental-friendly way, thus ensuring the natural circulation of organic material, and also producing electricity.

The slaughterhouse was started in 2002. While constructing the factory, great care was devoted to installing technologies, which would maintain and even exceed current European standards in terms of processing and the quality of finished goods.
This approach is manifested in the philosophy of the company, which is „Quality First”. The brand’s name GASTOR expresses this.

Due to the most advanced cooling technology, on our chilled products we can offer twice the shelf life of our rivals, even without vacuum packaging.

Since launching our business two years ago, our company has become a well-known and acknowledged participant in Hungary as well as in the export markets. Our Hungarian partners show a preference to our products and choose them over those of our rivals, putting Quality before price. The circle of our partners inland and in foreign markets is continuously growing. Gradually more and more customers are choosing us, favouring our products. We deliver GASTOR products in our new fleet of temperature controlled vehicles, ensuring maximum quality on arrival.

     Agricultural background